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Three Nails Gospel Church is a group of believers focused on getting closer to God through his Word and sharing our love for Jesus Christ with others, the community, and the world.  Three Nails Gospel Church is a non-denominational church led by Dr. Bill Tolbert, Senior Pastor. Our first lady is his wife Shawn Tolbert.  Our church is operated under the leadership of Pastor Bill along with the Board of Directors.  We have seven Deacons serving:   Senior Deacon Thomas Corsey,  along with Deacons Lyle Hopkins, Kevin Pond Sr., Darrell Napoleon, Steve Barnhill, Bill Mottel and Mrs. Shirley Jones as Deaconess. 


To unite people through the love of God while talking about and studying His ​word. We strive to share our gifts and strengths with the world, whether it's from helping at the local Bridge Ministry or operating our Food Pantry weekly to moving someone to another location to help the less fortunate than us.  We were called to serve, that means in any capacity that God may ask of us.  To love others as Christ loves us, unconditionally.  To spread the Gospel to those who don't know Him. 

Pastor Bill preaches the word of God as it is written in The Word.  We spread His love and we work to help the community in any way possible.

We serve the Lord in our church by being non-judgemental, multicultural and non-denominational, love and accept others -  unconditionally.


Everyone is welcome and loved just as the Lord has commanded us.


Three Nails Gospel Church was founded six years ago by the late Tommy Lee Brooks his wife Iris Brooks, Pastor Bill Tolbert and his wife Shawn Tolbert in their living room in April 2014. Over the years our congregation has grown along with our dedication to the Lord our Savior.

We are currently located at:

 4569 Cox Road Evans, Georgia

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